The Trekking Gear Market to Reach USD 30.40 Billion By 2028 According To Research

How To Start A Business in The Trekking Gear Market

What is Trekking Gear?

Trekking gear is objects or items consumers use to go on an outdoor hiking activity. Trekking is a track sport mainly done by people for vacation, to improve health, relax, and take a break from the boredom of daily life. It is becoming a trend in the modern lifestyle. It is one of the most favored activities in developed economies after cycling and jogging. Several types of hiking equipment are used based on the trek’s activities, duration, distance, and natural environment.

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Why Trekking Gear Market is Growing?

The significance of outdoor sports events has increased due to a growing interest in fitness regimens, quick leisure activities, and healthy lives. It has favorably impacted the market for trekking gear. Additionally, a rise in the demand for trekking clothing and equipment is being brought on by the expansion of the outdoor recreation sector due to changing demographics, urban migration, and increased focus on healthy living.

Growth Drivers in Trekking Gear Market

Increasing Rise in Participation of Younger Populations

The increasing participation of younger populations, especially millennials, is leading to a greater demand for trekking gear and, thereby, a surge in market revenue growth. Another factor leading to further market growth is the increasing popularity of the outdoor recreation industry.

Growing Trend of Adventure tourism

The rising trend of adventure tourism is paving the way for more trails to be constructed or established, which will promote positive market growth in the coming years. Other factors contributing to the revenue growth of the global trekking gear market are rapid urbanization and the surging disposable incomes of the general populous. Various endeavours by tourism and other governing bodies to promote the outdoors and healthy living are also collectively adding to the future economic growth of the global trekking gear market.

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Opportunities in Trekking Gear Market

Growing Number of Health-Conscious Consumers

A substantial increase in the number of health-conscious consumers owing to the increasing awareness about the benefits of exercising and physical fitness is one of the key elements contributing to the market growth. The general acceptance that running is one of the most effective forms of exercise has significantly contributed to the popularity of relaxed running gear products. Moreover, increasing disposable income levels make consumers increasingly inclined toward using advanced technologies. It has to lead to product premiumization and fast inclusion of these products into consumers’ daily fitness activities, such as jogging. Manufacturers also incorporate fashionable designs and high-quality fabrics in running apparel to attract new consumers. Moreover, the rising global movement of running marathons and aggressive promotional movements by manufacturers across social media outlets also contribute to the growth of the running gear market.

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Restraints in Trekking Gear Market

Trekking Trips Have The Potential For Risk And Unpredictability.

Trekking can be one of the most pleasurable and exhilarating sports, especially for those who do not often enjoy physical activity. Trekking is a multi-day outdoor activity that affects walking. It is a walk to examine and enjoy the picture. Trekking can function as a motivation, a purpose, an objective, a mission, a celebration, or a social gathering. Trekking is known not just for its many adventurous activities but also for the likely risks and challenges that come with it. Trekking is difficult because it tests one’s skills, endurance, and mental and psychological capabilities. The growth of the trekking gear market in various emerging economies is projected to be hampered by these risks and barriers.

Pre Covid-19 Impact on Trekking Gear Market

During the pre-covid-19 period, several trekking gear organizations and service providers are introducing programs targeted at different age groups to attract new campers. For the older generations, these programs often focus on the experience of trekking, while for younger generations, they feature adventure sports. In addition, with the rising awareness about environmental preservation, the demand for eco-friendly trekking equipment is rising. Thus, vendors are introducing eco-friendly equipment to differentiate and expand their product lines. Such innovations in trekking equipment may improve sales during the precovid-19 period.

Covid-19 Impact on Trekking Gear Market

The covid-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the trekking gear market, and the demand for trekking gear equipment has fallen. It was because there were certain rules and regulations which the government of several nations around the world imposed. These rules have resulted in a reduction of travelers by volume as they were not allowed to travel.

Post Covid-19 Impact on Trekking Gear Market

After the covid-19 period, a Steady shift in consumers’ focus toward adopting a healthy lifestyle after the pandemic is a necessary factor responsible for the upliftment of market growth. Also, the increasing rate of urbanization and the attraction towards trekking gears among consumers. These are some of the prime factors driving the trekking gear market. Moreover, a rise in the demand from emerging economies will further create new opportunities for the trekking gear market during the forecast period.

Trekking Gear Market is Segmented into:

By Type Segmental Analysis

Based on type segmental analysis the global trekking gear market is segmented into Headwear, Clothing, Footwear, Handwear, Equipment and Accessories (Back Pack, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Tents, Trekking Poles, Sunglasses, LED Headlamp and Others). Equipment and accessories are a growing trekking gear and equipment market during the forecast period. The increasing number of companies entering the segment largely offer hiking equipment, increasing product visibility and availability. Thus, the ease of purchasing these products is attaining traction in the product category, thereby driving the trekking gear market.

By Gender Segmental Analysis

Based on gender segmental analysis the global trekking gear market is segmented into Men, Women and Kids. The men’s segment was the most notable, accounting for the maximum share of the global market. The increase in this segment of the hiking trekking gear market can be attributed to the higher participation of men in trail sports, which includes hiking. The women’s segment is expected to grow substantially due to the rise in participation of women in outdoor sports.

By Distribution Channel Segmental Analysis

Based on distribution channel the global trekking gear market is segmented into Specialty Stores, Retail Stores and Online Stores. The specialty stores are accounted for the majority of the revenue share of the global trekking gear market. It can be accredited to the vast presence of several market players competing in their regions. Moreover, the growing trend of catalog shopping in developed economies helps consumers achieve pleasant shopping experiences, which has also increased the importance of specialty store outlets.

By Regional Segmental Analysis

Based on region the global trekking gear market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and The Middle East & Africa. North America recorded the largest revenue share during the forecast year, mainly due to highly controlled serialization and accumulation standards and advanced healthcare infrastructure. The FDA recommends automatic identification technologies to pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies, including barcoding and RFID. Also, highly developed healthcare infrastructure and the adoption this technology in the U.S. are expected to drive the market.

Competitors Analysis in Trekking Gear Market

The companies include The North Face, Columbia Sportswear, Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., Decathlon S.A., Marmot Mountain LLC, Amer Sports, Equinox Ltd., AMG Group, Big Agnes, Montbell Co., Ltd., Tatonka, and Other Prominent Players are the key players in the Trekking Gear market.

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Recent Developments in Trekking Gear Market

·        In November 2020, Mountain Hardwear, the highest-performance trekking gear manufacturer for climbers, mountaineers, and sports, announced four new European distribution partners: MnO International- 2Pure E.Tremmel Marketing and Amwear.

·        In July 2020, Big Agnes Inc., an outdoor equipment company based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, recently declared two new European distribution partners. Big Agnes will be distributed in France and Andorra by Plein Nord, while Roswi will distribute the brand throughout Scandinavia via Roswi.

·        In August 2018- Walmart established a premium online store in expertise with Moosejaw, which sells various high-end trekking boots, camping gear, and outdoor apparel brands. Also, new product developments by industry giants are pushing consumer attention toward rising trekking trends.

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